Graphic Art

Logo Design

Your logo is your brands identity. It is one of the first interactions a customer has with your company. It should be thoughtful and strategic, carefully developed and extensively researched. Amazon for example, their logo has a yellow arrow underneath the word amazon. Did you know that arrow resembles a smile? Or more importantly that the arrow starts at “a” and ends at “z”. Suggesting amazon has everything from a to z. Brilliant, right?


Advertising tells the world who you are as a business and what you have to offer. Like Gary Dahl, who made millions of dollars selling the idea of a “pet rock”. You may be thinking, “Umm I would never buy a rock”. But, millions of people did. Why? Brilliant advertising. You are communicating with your audience and building relationships. How you present material can make the difference from a good idea to a golden one.


Illustrations help communicate messages. Our good friend Dr. Seuss helped create a world of fun with his illustrations and clever word play. Oh, the places you'll go, is still one of my favorite books of all time. Messages must be delivered quickly in today’s world. The words of any storyline are important, but paired with an illustration help hold a reader’s attention. Illustrations improve our communications and help our imaginations run wild.


Posters help to create imagery that last in people’s minds. They can be placed just about anywhere, and consist of anything. World War II introduced us to Rosie The Riveter. Her “We can do it” poster is still being circulated to this day. That is the power of posters. They can motivate us, as well as influence our opinions. Highly efficient communication tools, posters provide a wide range of benefits. From info-graphics, to experimental imagery, the options are endless.

Graphic Art

Improving communication with typography and imagery is a huge undertaking. Countless hours of research are needed, combined with conceptualizing ideas until your brain feels like it might explode. Really, your brain might explode. The challenge of the process is what in return makes graphic design rewarding. I see art as a puzzle. You have multiple little pieces of information that if put together in the correct order form a beautiful image.

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