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Born in Baltimore Maryland, Shawn Wixted is a graduate of The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts with certificates in videography, production, and advanced video editing. After acquiring his first camera from a local yard sale, his life has never been the same. In his career, Shawn has filmed, edited, produced, and directed a number of independent projects, the first being a series about skateboarding called Beginners Luck. Some of Shawn’s other gigs include editing and producing a film for client Aaron Sewell entitled: “The Outsiders; We Just Don’t Fit In”. After spending two years traveling the country as an operations coordinator for The Taste of Nab Roadshow, Shawn decided to continue his passion for visual story telling. Moving to New York, he worked on the sets of Yahoo’s Mansome, CNN’s Inside Man, and One Direction’s, This is Us movie. Interested in Graphic Design, Shawn found himself enrolled in college, this time studying commercial art. His pursuit of a bachelor degree in visual communication led him to the completion of a two-year degree program at Nassau Community college, and at the doorsteps of Farmingdale State University. After Shawn completed his Bachelor of Technology degree, he began his career as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. Shawn explains, “Design is like a puzzle. You have all these pieces you have to sort out but once placed in the correct order, they can form a beautiful image.”




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