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Did you know gorillas burp when they are happy? Now that I have your attention, hi I am Shawn ☺. Have we met? If not, it's nice to digitally meet you!

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Life is what you
make it.

I'm a graphic designer born in Baltimore Maryland, or how us Baltimoreans pronounce it, Bal-more. I am currently located in the busy lands of New York. I live for the moments you laugh about for years after. Like that one time I tried to use chap-stick as deodorant (it’s a long story but if we ever meet I will explain). If you can’t laugh at yourself, you are doing it all wrong. I have the most fun when I’m creating art, snapping photos, or lost in the woods.

After attending film school, I spent several years in television production. Eventually, this led me back to school, this time studying commercial art. I have been consumed by graphic design ever since. Trust me, I’m all in.

Improving communication with typography and imagery is a huge undertaking. Countless hours of research are needed, combined with conceptualizing ideas until your brain feels like it might explode. Really, your brain might explode. The challenge of the process is what makes graphic design rewarding. I see art as a puzzle. You have multiple little pieces of information that if put together in the correct order form a beautiful image.

I would be happy to help you with any concepts you may be considering, or if you'd like my creative direction, I'm here. If nothing else, I will leave you with this tip: there are no words in the dictionary that rhyme with: orange, purple, or silver.

Fun Fact

I love to skateboard and explore. On my free time you might finding me wandering the wilderness, taking photographs of old structures, or filming skateboarding.

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Enough of this talking stuff, let’s see some work! ☺

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