Nature is a way for me to balance life, plus it’s quiet. I mean, I live in New York, and it's loud here, trust me. In roaming the outdoors, I find freedom without restrictions. I go bravely to the places no person has gone before, well not actually, but it sounds good. Photographing landscapes is a way for me to stop and appreciate the land we too often take for granted.


When I am out with my camera sometimes I encounter wild beasts, or creatures of the unknown meandering the landscapes. Sometimes I am given rare moments when the animals allow me to visit their world. I learn about them and study their actions. Each one even if they are of the same species presents a different personality. I find this incredibly fascinating. Too often we think animals lack intelligence, but maybe the real issue is we just lack understanding.


Abandoned places offer a glimpse into the past, or a real-life version of The Walking Dead. I will let you decide that one. Lost in time, many hospitals and structures are left to decay. These places once bursting with human activity are now left to the hands of time. The resilience of plant life and how the earth takes back its stake, for me, is mind-blowing. I once found plants growing on the second floor of an abandoned building. Off the old floorboards, life was growing. How this plant received enough sunlight/water to grow is beyond my comprehension. Where there's a will, there's a way. You may find these places creepy and that’s ok. I view them as diamonds in the rough. If these buildings could talk, imagine the stories they could tell.


Who doesn’t like people? Well, if I have been sitting in traffic all day, then probably at that point I am not too fond of people. Otherwise, we have lots of joy to share, right? Our friends, family, and even strangers play huge parts in our lives. These encounters make our stories, build our characters, and even define us as human beings. The photographs we take of one another become documentation of our individual history. Long after I am gone a selfie of me may be in a futuristic museum. Hopefully it is not that one, well…I won’t get into that.

"All those who wander are not lost"

My curiosity often leads me off the beaten path and trekking through the wilderness. Most of the time I wander too far and end up lost. But, just like that one person you never want to see again, I always find my way back. The thrill of the adventure, plus the mystery of what I might see, (like sasquatch) is what I find captivating. In short, photography is my excuse to explore. Behind the lens I have more of a reason to be a tourist, or just be that weird guy taking pictures of bugs. Regardless of the reasons, I love it, and it helps me see the world from a different perspective.

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